Originally called British Honduras, Belize is one of the few English speaking countries in the northwestern part of the Caribbean. As it’s original name implies, although first declared a Spanish colony in 1506, it was ruled by the British from 1862 until its independence in 1982. Although its financial, legal and language are traditionally British by nature, the country has little to show for its colonial rule. Despite its 500 years of colonial rule, a visit to Belize will leave visitors with a greater appreciation for its Mayan heritage than any other. Mayan ruins are found throughout the country and Creole is the  unofficial native language. Over half the population is  multilingual with Spanish being the second most common spoken language. The country accepts US$ and has an easy exchange rate of 2 Belizean$ for every 1 US$.

Like most visitors, I flew into Belize City. Belize City is home to Belize’s main airport and its cruise ship port. What a...

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Cuba... The Mystery Revealed

Cuba has always been an intriguing mystery to me. On the one hand, we in the U.S. have been led to believe Cuba is a terribly poor country, run by a bunch of Communists, that has nothing to offer us. But, as a world traveler, always looking for my next great find, the mystery of this isolated island in the Caribbean has always drawn me to its shores.

With an average income of only $4,086, it’s true that Cuba is one of the poorest nations in the Caribbean. It’s also true that the country is run by a Communist regime. But the fact that Cuba has little or nothing to offer the world traveler is where the facts fall apart.

I must admit that I haven’t traveled all of Cuba but, the parts I have visited have plenty to offer. I’ll focus on Havana (or la- Habana with a silent “h” as the natives call it) because it’s the place most visitors will visit. la- Habana is rich with some of the most beautiful architecture in the entire Caribbean. Every...

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