J Stephen Sadler

With extensive and varied backgrounds in multiple industries, J Stephen Sadler’s knowledge in dining travel, product development, brand recognition, marketing, public relations, franchise development, real estate, personality profiles and culinary expertise, has allowed him to successfully utilize his expertise across multiple industry strata and scenario's for the every day consumer and start-ups as well as Fortune 500 companies. J Stephen Sadler’s travels across the world in search of the finest culinary dishes culminates in a unique view of the world of fine dining and street foods. J Stephen’s Gourmand Globe-Trotter Getaways are a favorite of  foodies  and travel fans worldwide. His speaking engagements on worldwide ingredients, food preparation, dining travel and small business development are sought out by companies and consumers alike. As a specialist in menu creation, restaurant branding development and new product innovation, J Stephen leads The Techmar Group in expanding the company’s Crumbzz International Bistro concept and worldwide sales of the Crumbzz family of artisan cakes.



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