J Stephen Sadler

Author • International Speaker • Epicurean Travel Host

Go on an adventure with best-selling author J Stephen Sadler as he travels the world, discovering unique dishes and the cultures that created them.
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So many Crumbzz enthusiasts have been enthralled by the story of J Stephen Sadler’s family artisan crumb cake, that it was time to tell the story of its long and winding road to discovery.

"J Stephen Sadler's Quest For The Best: The story of an unlikely chef who built an improbable empire from a lost family recipe

The Book is available in ebook, paperback, hardback and audio at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple Books, Audible, iTunes and other online and retail outlets. 

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International Speaker

J Stephen loves to create and deliver dynamic presentations that keep your audience entertained and engaged whether a book club, a women's group, school or corporation.  Some of his most asked for topics include:

Why They Do That… Now You Know. It’s as easy As DISC

The Right Ingredient Is Not Always What You Think

Who Am I, What Am I, Who Do I Serve

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Epicurean Travel Host

We are on hold due to Covid19 but will be back with Talk Around The Table and Epicurean Tours when it is safe.  

Go along with J Stephen visiting cities and countries around the world to discover new favorite dishes. Now YOU can help him find just the right dish to bring back and share with his fans and loyal followers.

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 Collectible Hardback

J Stephen's Quest For The Best... The story of an unlikely chef who built an improbable empire from a lost family recipe, is a wonderful story of the opportunities that changed the authors life. From his travels across the globe in his search to uncover the hidden secrets of his once lost 400-year old family recipe, the twists and turns that eventually changed who he was and would become and the new life experiences that eventually led him to become a chef, author, travel host and restauranteur provide a riveting story of chance encounters, close calls and life changing events. 

Quest For The Best is a wonderful read that will engulf the reader in the world of travel, food, history and most of all, the chance meetings and opportunities that can alter ones life forever.  


The Famous Family Crumb Cake

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